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Welcome to The Pole Destroyers

Hey there! I’m Dan, and welcome to The Pole Destroyers. This platform combines conditioning, tricks tutorials & classes, flexibility and guest classes.


But where did it all start? In January 2021, I set a challenge called ’31 Days With Dan’. The aim was for the pole dancing community (and myself!) to regain strength and motivation during the pandemic.

An incredible ten thousand like-minded pole dancers joined in kicking ass and pushing each other to the next level. After watching the excellent results that people achieved after only one month – I decided we couldn’t stop there, so The Pole Destroyers was born!

See incredible results

You will get access to

  • 31 day catch up

    Access all 31 days of class videos from this year for you to catch up on.

  • 6+ months of videos

    Over six months of class videos, including strength, conditioning & flexibility training.

  • Live content

    Access to the current month's live videos for those who prefer the live experience.

  • So many themes!

    Keep conditioning fresh and fun with various themes - heels, legs and lines, HIIT style workouts, off-the-pole legs and abs workouts, choreo cardio classes and much more!

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Strength & Conditioning

The level-up package! Get strong for pole with access to the previous 6 months and the latest live classes. You will also get access to a bonus guest flexibility class once a month. 

Online Tutorials

If you love pole tricks, combos and choreography, this package has just what you need. 6 months of content, the latest live classes and a bonus guest flexibility class once a month.

Ultimate Pole Destroyer

The ultimate package for the ultimate pole destroyer! Get access to everything from the other packages and exclusive access to monthly guest pole classes!

Coming up this month


Each package varies on how many LIVE classes it offers. To see how many live classes are on offer for a particular package – click through to the pricing page, look at the curriculum section and click on “Coming up this month”. This will show you what we have for the next month of classes for that particular package.

I can accept PayPal. However, the platform I use to manage the subscriptions for my classes (Teachables) doesn’t support PayPal. It is preferable for you to pay via card, but if you are limited to using PayPal or other payment platforms, please email me at admin@thepoledestroyers.com

There is a strict no refunds policy once access to the content has been granted. Once payment has been taken on any subscription, we are unable to refund you. However, you can cancel the subscription at any time.

Unfortunately, no. Once your subscription ends, you will lose access to all content until you re-subscribe.

This subscription is billed monthly and can be cancelled at any point. There is no commitment period, and you can cancel at any time.

No, the beauty of this website is that you can start at any point and pay for a month from the date you sign up. For example – if you sign up on the 15th of July, your month will run from the 15th of July to the 15th of August.

There is no commitment period. As this is a rolling monthly subscription, you can cancel at any time. All payments are processed three days before your registration date. You would have to cancel before then to avoid another charge.

Unfortunately, you will only have access to content while subscribed to a course.

All classes are recorded, so you will never miss a class. The platform is also perfect for people who aren’t in the UK time zone.

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