Online pole dancing classes, tutorials and workshops.

Daniel Rosen - Pole Artist

Are you ready to level up?

Have you ever considered what your body could do with strength and conditioning for pole dancing? My online pole dancing classes and workshops will help you reach the next level.

  • Get stronger

    Regular ongoing strength & conditioning is an essential part of pole dancing. People who attend my classes see results within one month!

  • Learn new techniques

    I can teach you various techniques, from short trick & combo tutorials to full-length tricks, flexibility, combinations, spinning poles, and more.

  • Feel happier

    My main goal is to level up your pole dancing whilst having FUN! You can be sure to have yourself a good time and lots of laughs with like-minded people.

What I offer...

The Pole Destroyers

Live online pole classes and tutorials.
The Pole Destroyers is an online platform where I will help transform you from a pole dancer to a Pole Destroyer.

International Workshops

Group classes and workshops.
I host a variety of workshops. From signature tricks to intensive stretching - there is a workshop for everyone.


Online pole dancing merchandise shop.
You can check out my merchandise here, from t-shirts to bath bombs - it's every pole fanatics dream online shop!

Happier, healthier & stronger

“I did 31 days with Dan the day after the worst break up of my life. It’s been the one part of my day where I’ve been able to switch off completely. I’ve even managed to have a few laughs!


In the beginning, I was at one of the lowest points I’ve ever been in terms of my self-esteem and body image.


Today, because of 31 days with Dan and a different diet, I’ve lost a stone and am so much stronger. Thank you so much – you don’t know how much it’s meant to me.”

Tilly xxx



Ready to get started?

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