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The World of Pole Camps

Have you always wanted to go on a pole camp, but felt unsure and overwhelmed by the many choices out there? Here we have compiled a list of the world’s pole camps and what they have to offer, all in one place.

Pre Competition Prep blog(1)

Pole Competition tips!

Pole Competitions aren't just about the big day! Competing is like an iceberg. I had to go through the same learning process anyone else has to go through - so it's my turn to share my competition tips with you.

Muscular male pole dancer, holding a pose on a pole set outdoors

Get better pole dancing grip

One of the main things I get asked in my pole dancing classes is "how can I get better hand grip?" or "my hands are so slippy, do you have any tips?" - so I decided to share my knowledge and experience with you.

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