What was I made for


This is a slow choreo with nice flow sequences and a fun shoulder stand transition at the end.


Song – What was I made for by Billie Eilish

Choreo Length – 1:20

This is a slow contemporary style choreo. Best performed in socks to be able to allow you feet to glide on the floor effortlessly. This choreo has some nice flow sequences with a fun little shoulder stand sequence at the end for those who need a little bit more of a challenge.

Terms of use – By purchasing this class, you are purchasing the rights to teach this choreography created by Dan Rosen. This can be taught in as many or as few sessions as you wish, and there are no restrictions on what you charge. You have permission to change or amend any choreographies to suit your style. It is up to you to choose whether you want to teach and credit this as a Dan Rosen piece. These permissions are not transferable and can only be led by the teacher who has purchased the choreography.

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